Commercial Locksmith Services

QuickPro installs and repairs nearly every type of lock hardware your organization needs. If it’s about your business safety and the security of your assets and employees, look no further than QuickPro, as we bring to you the most efficient commercial locksmith services.

Commercial locksmith services at your doorstep – Just when you need

It will roughly take us fifteen to thirty minutes to reach your office or shop depending on how far your business establishment is from our mobile team of emergency locksmiths for commercial establishments. All of our certified locksmiths remain on the move for most of the time. Also, you don’t need to know what kind of a lock and key system you have at your home as our trained technicians can assess your lock systems and inform you about what kind of services you may require. Therefore, even if you have zero prior knowledge about lock products, our emergency commercial locksmiths can take care of it all.

The last resort for office lockouts

If you are locked out of your office or shop and none of the tricks you knew seem to be working, just give us a quick call. We will arrive in a flash and get you out of the emergency situation. So, there’s no need to break your office window or cancel a full day’s work. With QuickPro at your service 24/7, you got no reason to worry at all during lockout situations.

Minimum waiting – maximum safety

If you always thought commercial locksmiths take their own sweet time to open or repair locks, you are bound to change your preconceived notion when you get in touch with us. Our professional emergency locksmiths will inform you about the situation right after arriving at your premises and inform you in detail about the services you may need, and about the costs associated. Typically, we take half an hour or so to fix lock problems. If we need more time, we will inform you about that in advance. Complex lock-and-key systems may need more time than usual, but we will certainly keep you in the loop before we get down to the real business.

While we always try to fix malfunctioning locks within the shortest time possible, our highest priority is your safety and security. Our experienced commercial locksmiths will double-check everything before they leave your office or shop. In most cases, we use a bump key to bring the lock back in working condition. However, drilling might be required in certain complex situations. We replace lock systems with new ones after the drilling. Therefore, whether you are in a lockout situation just because your key seems to be not working or the nature of the problem is a more complex one, we can perfectly take care of it.

Your valuables will remain unharmed

Our technicians are so well trained that we can ensure zero damage to your valuables and important papers while opening a safe with a dysfunctional lock system. Our commercial locksmith services are designed in a way so as to reach absolutely no harm to the fragile items and all other valuables locked in a safe or something. However, we request you to inform our technician well ahead so he can take necessary caution while working.

Affordable commercial locksmith services in Ohio

QuickPro offers a range of commercial locksmith services and our pricing is solely based on the type of the service required. We take pride in the fact that we offer the cheapest commercial locksmith services in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

For a full list of our pricing for commercial locksmith services or to get a quick fix, simply call us now!


Here at QuickPro, we value our relationships with our commercial accounts and local small business owners in Columbus, OH. Building more of these relationships is our goal. QuickPro’s commercial locksmiths has the experience and reliability your business needs! We stock all the latest commercial products including:

Commercial levers, doorknobs, and mortise locks
Panic/exit devices (that match fire code)
All high security locks, including "do not duplicate keys"
Detex hardware
Magnetic locks
Keyless entry hardware
"Call button" hardware
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