Top Security Tips for Your Home: How to Stave off Unwelcome Intruders

Every homeowner needs to adopt a few security measures in order to ensure the safety of their house as well as members of their family. There are plenty of security tips available for your home but you need to stick to only a few of the basics in order to ensure the best level of protection.

Keep Your Doors Locked

This happens to be the most basic of all home security measures. When you are leaving the house, it is necessary that you leave no doors or windows unopened unless you want thieves to gain easy access. Statistics shows that almost 15% of all burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and so you should avoid that mistake at all cost. Moreover, it is best to keep your door locked even when you are at home, not just at night but also during the daytime to avoid anyone slipping in and out undetected from your property.

Maintain Spare Keys in a Safe Location

Avoid hiding spare keys in a location that is easily noticeable. No burglar will hesitate to hunt down spare keys and so it is best to keep it someplace with no easy access. You might think that your spot is perfect and impossible to locate but keep in mind that serial burglars have a lot of experience in the field and they might find your spare keys with a little bit of effort. Instead of trying to hide it, you could leave your keys with a trustworthy neighbour or a close friend.

Store Your Keys Properly

It is a common problem in many homes to keep the keys on a table or on hooks close to the front door. This might come in handy when remembering where you put them but they also provide a great opportunity to thieves. Some tools allow burglars to reach through pet doors and letter boxes to steal your keys. Thus, it is best to keep your keys someplace out of sight or you could keep them in a closed box.

Get Lights Installed Outside

Prevent intrusion in your home by installing motion activated lighting. Understand which areas on your property are the most vulnerable and then place them accordingly, preferably near a window, so that you can check if a situation arises. You need to understand that various lights have different ranges of sensitivity, which means that if your garden or front path is large in area, you will require a considerably powerful sensor. Do a bit of research before you buy the product.

Invest in Good Burglar Alarms

A great way to expose intruders quickly on your property, burglar alarms can be installed easily on your windows and doors. Once activated, they will get triggered as soon as your windows and doors are opened. Even a dummy alarm is a great deterrent since it is hard for thieves to point out the difference. They might not be willing to take too great a risk and may ultimately move on to another home that does not have any kind of alarm systems.