DIY Tips to Help You Gain Entry If You Get Locked Out Accidentally from Your Car or Home

Spare keys are not given much thought until you actually require them. If you have ever accidentally locked yourself out of your car or house, or have had your keys stolen, you will understand how harrowing and difficult it is to get your door open.

However, there are a few easy-to-understand locksmith hacks that almost always work when dealing with lockouts.

How to Unlock Car Doors without Keys

Various cars have individual locking mechanisms and most of the newer models come equipped with power locks which require remote controls to get them open. However, a lot of the older vehicles come with manual locks and a few of them have the locking knob towards the inside top of the car door, close to the window. There are some which have it close to the handle, and depending upon the position, you need to alter your approach.

  • Shoestring to Open Locked Car Doors: Shoestrings work more effectively than expected. The only drawback is that this method works solely on locking mechanisms that can be unlocked by pulling up. All you require is to tie a tiny loop in the middle of your shoelace and then work the string carefully into the door, pull the loop tightly when it is around the lock, and then pull up. It might take you some time to get used to it but it definitely works.
  • Use of a Coat Hanger: Take a wire hanger that can be untwisted and then create a hook which goes inside the weather stripping on the window of your car. You only need to jiggle it a bit until you locate the locking mechanism. It definitely takes time but is worth the trouble since this is applicable on horizontal locks also.
  • Using a Rod and a Screwdriver: In a matter of only 30 seconds, you can get your car unlocked if you have a steel rod and a screwdriver handy. However, keep in mind that using metal objects to pry your door open may cause damage to both the interior and the exterior, so this method should be used with utmost caution.

How to Unlock House Doors without Keys

The method used to open house doors without keys depends primarily on the kind of lock. Usually, older locks are easier to open while newer ones require more finesse and time.

  • Make Use of a Bump Key: Bump keys are crafted especially for doors that make use of a pin based locking system. Bump keys are extremely efficient against regular home locks since the majority of them use single-sided keys.
  • Using a Professional Lock Pick Tool: Investing in a lock pick set will allow you to easily gain entry into your own home as long as you are aware of how to use the kit properly. You can find them easily in stores for cheap and it sure beats waiting for the professionals to arrive and let you in.
  • Use of Paper Clips: In case you have some paper clips handy, you can transform them into a lock pick with the help of a regular multi-tool.