Determine the Right Pricing for Locksmith Services: Three Factors That Matter

The modern world has brought about numerous changes in the way society functions and one area which has been greatly affected is personal security. This is not something that you take lightly and it is necessary to ensure that you and your loved ones and your valuables remain protected at all times. This is easier said than done, however, due to the simple fact that putting your entire home or material possessions under lock and key is no longer a procedure as simple and uncomplicated as it was earlier.

The locks that are available today do offer a greater degree of security but on the other hand, they are rather sophisticated and require more skill and expertise to install properly. The expenses that you will need to bear greatly depend upon the kind of security system that you wish to put in place along with the urgency of your situation.

Read on below to find out more about the three variables that determine the pricing of locksmith services.

Nature of Service

Locksmith services tend to vary greatly in terms of the quality offered by them and you may hire them for something as simple as installing a new lock for your front door to tasks more complicated such as setting up armored doors in your private mansion. They do not come cheap but when you take into account the wide range of skillsets they use, the costs seem more reasonable. You will find that some locksmiths excel at installing specific types of security systems and locks.

The most popular services offered by a standard locksmith include duplication of simple keys and key cards, key moulding for the purpose of opening locks the keys of which are lost or damaged, programming of car key transponders, dealing with defective or broken locks, installation of shielded doors, installation of custom-made grilles for security, installation of surveillance systems and other security solutions, and replacing various sorts of locks.

Lock Types and Their Impact on Cost

Based on the complexity and quality of a particular locking mechanism, the cost of service may vary. Most popular types of locks are bored cylinder locks as well as their variant, commonly known as tubular chassis locks. You might also want to opt for sidebar locks which boast of a higher resistance against lock picking.

There are tubular pin locks which have key insertion features built into the door handle while case locks come with an inner casing holding the lock along with an outer housing to accommodate the keyhole. Mortise locks used to be widespread but they are no longer in vogue.

In contrast, biometric or electronic locks are slowly gaining popularity and they can be opened with a fingerprint or code. Any locksmith with good accreditations should be able to advise you on the type of lock that will fit the needs of your business or home perfectly.


Locksmith service costs are also dependent on their availability along with their customer service level. A few companies boast of on-call technicians round the clock while others have mobile workshops in place for emergency on-site locksmith service.