Commercial Locksmith : Providing Security with Hi-Tech Products and Services

Technology drives every industry, including the security industry. While your usual deadbolt may seem like a simple mechanical device, the technology and science behind it is constantly improving. Getting the very best in locks and related products and services, you need a commercial locksmith in Columbus, Ohio. They can provide your business with the hi-tech products and services that your business needs to stay safe. Here’s how.

1.  Commercial Levers, Doorknobs and Mortise Locks

Businesses have different security needs when compared to residences. These needs require specific solutions. QuickPro Locksmith carries a variety of deadbolts, door knobs and specialized mortise locks that can meet your security needs. These hi- tech products and services will also protect you from any surprise fines or penalties.

 2.  Panic/ Exit Devices

Most fire codes require that a commercial business’s entryways need panic and exit devices in the case of a fire. These can include panic devices which are connected to an alarm system and exit devices that trigger alarms when used. When you use a professional locksmith, they can walk you through which devices you will exactly need for your business and their services will be guaranteed to be up to code.

3.  High-Security Locks

The truth is some locks are better than others. The same goes for their keys. If you need to keep entry to your commercial buildings or specific rooms in your commercial space, the best option is a high-security lock with keys that can’t be duplicated. Combined, these two pieces of technology can keep your business and its interests safer.

4.  Detex Hardware

The Detex brand is synonymous with products that protect people, secure property and meet the needs of its customers. They specialize in products for businesses including emergency door hardware and kits to improve your entryway’s security. They guarantee that their products are the “most durable, easiest to install, innovative, technologically advanced and architecturally beautiful products available on the market today.” Many of the most reputable commercial locksmiths trust Detex and you should too.

5.  Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are easy to install, lock and unlock instantaneously, and provide better security over conventional deadbolt systems. Most businesses can benefit from installing magnetic locks on all of their entryways and secure locations. Installation is simple and many magnetic locks are surprisingly affordable.

6.  Keyless Entry Hardware

Keys can go missing but codes can be changed regularly. Keyless entry doorways, no matter the requirement protocols they use are more flexible and versatile than standard keyed doors. When a key goes missing, you are usually forced to replace the lock and all the keys. With a keyless entry, you can simply change the code, the keycards or remove someone from the permissions list.

Technology has changed and with it, our security needs. In the business world, keeping storefronts and lockboxes all require the best technology installed by a professional commercial locksmith. At QuickPro Locksmith, we work with the world’s most advanced security companies to bring you quality products that meet your needs and the needs of your municipality.