Unlocking your vehicle

The most calls we get are car lockouts. We understand the stress that comes with locking your keys in your car, it is unexpected and leaves you with a feeling of helplessness. We do our best to help you through this situation and give you peace of mind as soon as we can. Our automotive locksmiths have a few ways to get you back into your car without damage: the "pillow and stick" through your door and frame, the classic "slim jim" down your window, or we can even pick your lock. Most car insurance companies cover 50-100% of our charge to unlock your car even if you just have liability insurance. We stand by our 15 minute emergency response time, and would be glad to have you as our customer!

Making a key to your vehicle

Whether you lost your key, the key broke, or you simply need a spare key Columbus QuickPro is what you need! We can make keys to most vehicles foreign or domestic, and we carry a large stock of a variety of keys for any situation. QuickPro's technicians are highly trained in making car keys, without any damage to your vehicle. We have the latest tools to make high-security transponder keys and program them as well. 

Repairing or fixing your ignition

There are multiple ways your ignition can break: too heavy of a key chain, wear and tear, putting the wrong key in the ignition, a worn out key, a broken key inside the ignition, or someone has attempted to steal your car. QuickPro's auto locksmiths in Columbus, Ohio can repair most ignitions without ever having to replace them. One of the most common things that break in your ignition are the wafers. Wafers are metal pieces on the inside of your ignition that read the cuts or crevices on your key and can be easily replaced. We can even rebuild your entire ignition if needed and give you expert advice on how to prevent this type of problem from happening again.

Quickpro's locksmiths in Columbus, Ohio are experts in the field of automotive security. Our team of professionals can unlock your car, make keys for most vehicles, replace/fix ignitions, program high tech transponder keys, and even re-key your car. No vehicle is too big or small. Whether it is a semi-truck, the classic you hide in your garage, or the beater you drive to work. QuickPro does it all! Call today for a free quote and a same day response!