Have a Locksmith Rekey Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. There is no better feeling than starting a new chapter of your life in a new environment knowing you will make memories there to last a lifetime. However, as appealing as it seems to dream of the future, arrange your furniture, and pick out decor, there are some technical matters that need to be attended to. Inspections, hook-ups, and unpacking are tedious tasks, but important parts of the process.

What not to forget along the way

One part of the move-in process that you can’t afford to ignore is personal safety and security. You love your new home, but are you safe inside of it? You might not be if you don’t have the locks rekeyed.

It might sound a little paranoid to suggest that the previous homeowners will use their extra keys to gain entry, steal from you, or harm your family. It’s highly unlikely; however, it’s also not impossible. And it’s not necessarily the former homeowners you have to worry about—any number of people could have an extra key to that house—friends and relatives, babysitters and pet sitters, contractors who borrowed an extra to let themselves in and out while doing repair. Any one of these people—whom you don’t know—could have access to your house.

Residential LocksmithStill not convinced it’s worth worrying about?

Look at it this way: you would never hand a key to your house over to a total stranger, right? You wouldn’t give someone a key just because they’re the brother-in-law of the former owner of your house. That would be crazy! So, you must ask yourself—how is letting those people hang on to the keys they already have any better or any different?

Getting your locks rekeyed is a simple step you can take to protect your possessions and your family.

You just give your Columbus locksmith a call—they can have those locks changed in short order. It’s a minor and virtually painless step to take to protect this wonderful new place you call home.

When you decide to have your locks rekeyed, take some time to make sure you have all the doors covered. That may seem obvious, but there are a couple of doors that are sometimes forgotten, namely the exterior garage door and the door connecting an attached garage to the house. These can be easy entry points for people looking to steal. It’s easy to slip in and out virtually unheard, and there are some valuable items, such as lawn mowers and power tools, not to mention your car, stored in the garage. Take some time to make sure that you’ve included these doors in your rekeying plan.

Rekeying your locks might seem like a hassle, or just one more item on an already long to-do list when you’re moving in. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s a simple procedure that will be worthwhile in the end. If you’re looking to have the locks on your new home rekeyed, give us a call here at QuickPro Locksmith. We’re happy to answer your questions and set up an appointment for rekeying.


Locksmiths – People You Cannot Do Without

Safety and Security

Lost your keys? Can’t get into your car or home? Call a locksmith! Locksmiths are people you can’t do without!

Locksmiths provide us with safety and security at times when we need it the most. If you’ve ever been locked out of your house or vehicle, you know exactly why locksmiths are people you cannot do without, especially those who offer 24-hour, on-call services. Our locksmiths in Columbus, Ohio come to your rescue in your time of need, and they’ll help you get into the comfort and security of your home or vehicle. Getting locked out of your home or vehicle is not only annoying, it can also have serious consequences. You may be placed in a vulnerable or unsafe position. Locksmiths will come to your aid, and get in your home or car, safe and sound.

Specialized Knowledge

Many people don’t realize that locksmiths possess specialized knowledge and skills. While you may understand the basics of locking mechanisms or key cutting, there are many components to securing a residence or vehicle. As such, professional locksmiths possess a wide variety of skills and perform a multitude of tasks, including lock-picking, key cutting, trunk opening, new ignition keys, replacing lost keys, installing new locks, etc.

LocksmithsLocksmiths also possess industry-specific knowledge. Unlike homes and regular offices, some industries have their own specific security needs due to the nature of their business. Stores that sell top-quality jewelry or other valuable goods often need a higher level of security than regular stores to ensure their products remain secure. Companies that manufacture armory or dangerous substances also require higher levels of specialized security to keep outsiders, well, out.

The Importance of a Locksmith

The importance of a locksmith should not be overlooked. With crime rates increasing rapidly, securing your home, vehicle, and prized possessions is a top priority. Locksmiths help protect you against burglary, home invasion, car theft, break and enter, etc. They provide you and your loved ones with security and peace of mind.

Our locksmiths aren’t just there to unlock your door or cut you a key. They can also help you determine whether your home is secure by checking for faulty or easily broken locks. This will ensure that you and your family are protected from potential break-ins.

Sound the Alarm

Locksmiths can outfit your home with an alarm, which is a very effective way of scaring off potential thieves and intruders. Alarms are an added layer of protection, and, as technology increasingly advances, can be tailored and specialized to fit your home’s specific needs.

When it comes to security, locksmiths are people you can’t do without.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a home invasion or theft, you understand how traumatizing the experience can be, and how vital locksmiths are to helping people feel safe and secure. When people experience a break-in or theft, the loss goes far beyond material possessions. Break-ins and thefts invade people’s privacy and their sense of security and well-being, and can have long-lasting psychological effects. Be proactive against crime: call QuickPro Locksmith to ensure your home is safe.