Different Types of Car Keys That Can Be Replaced with Aftermarket Automobile Keys

You will never know how important your car keys are until you find them not working one fine morning. Fortunately, replacing a lost car key or a faulty car key is no big deal these days as a whole lot of upgrade or replacement options are readily available. All you have to do is to dial your car manufacturer or dealer once to know if you can still have them replaced for free. If this appears to be not a very feasible solution, it’s time you should explore the different types of automobile keys that are available with automobile car key replacement pros in your area.

  • Classic automobile keys: These are what we call the vintage car keys, typically manufactured by automobile locksmiths in between 1940’s and 1980’s. Professionals can make these keys by taking an impression of the ignition or simply by reading your car’s ignition. Classic keys are easy to repair and are readily available in the aftermarket.
  • Sophisticated automobile keys: Modern car keys are easier to replace or repair, particularly because of the sophisticated mechanism inside these keys and lock systems. Modern car key blanks can readily be found in the market. Automobiles these days come with separate lock and key systems for the glove box, trunk and the doors. If you can find a really efficient locksmith in your area, replacing the keys of your car bought fairly recently should be a piece of cake.
  • Transponder car keys: These electrical devices are more than just your traditional locks and keys. These keys can be programmed and reprogrammed. Transgender keys are not easy to replace as these are specifically made for vehicle models and makes. Programming, copying and originating new transponder keys is something that only professional and highly knowledgeable locksmiths can do.
  • Remotely programmed keys: Many leading automobile brands now provide their buyers with car key remotes. These remotes can be programmed, reprogrammed and replaced easily. All you need is to find a professional who can help you in this regard.
  • Bike keys: Professional locksmiths know how to replace worn out bike keys with new ones. The same ignition method is applied while making duplicate motorcycle keys. You just need to mention the bike model and make for a locksmith to come up with a perfectly working replacement key.

How to find the right auto locksmith?

Now you know that there are actually different types of car keys that are on the market now. In order to replace or repair your malfunctioning automobile keys, you need to find the right help. Luckily, there’s a vast aftermarket for automobile keys where you can find a range of repair and replacement solutions.

However, your automobile manufacturer or insurer might have got your backs covered. Before you call a locksmith, you need to check with your manufacturer and dealer to know your options. If you are already on a lookout for really good locksmiths, do not forget to check out whether the professionals you are taking into consideration have enough experience in repairing car keys. Ask them car model specific questions to know if they can really offer you top-notch services.


Six Good Reasons to Replace Your Lock System with a New One

Replacing various parts and components of your home sometimes becomes a dire necessity. Quite in the same way, your locks might need to be changed at times. Replacing locks should be quite easy and cheap. When do you need to replace your home’s lock system with a new one? Here are six reasons to go for a replacement.

1. If your roommate has relocated

Your roommate might be a very good friend of you. However, when he or she moves to some other location, you should get your locks changed. This is because your ex-roommate might be a very trustworthy person, but he also might have given the spare keys to somebody else whom you don’t know. Therefore, changing your lock system seems a sensible decision once your roommate finds another place to stay.

2. If you have lost your keys

If you have recently lost your keys, it perfectly makes sense to replace your entire lock system with a new one. This is because someone with unscrupulous intentions might have already copied your keys. While changing your locks, look for more advanced models than the older ones.

3. If you have damaged or end-of-life locks

Over time, even the most robust lock systems can wear out. Therefore, it’s good to inspect your locks periodically to know if you are really having a tight security system in your home. The moment you spot a sign of damage in your lock system, contact a professional locksmith in your area. When do you have a malfunctioning or damaged lock? Initially, you will face problems in inserting your keys in the lock. It may also suddenly stop working one fine day. Before that day arrives, you should call home a professional to get your locks replaced.

4. If you are moving in a new home

Your real estate agent might not tell you about how many spare keys he or the cleaning guy has, and there’s no way you can actually know how many spare keys are floating around. Therefore, it’s wise to have your lock system replaced right after you move in your new home. This will give you good peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about break-ins.

5. If you have got separated recently

Separation with your partner may lead to many uncalled-for consequences. For example, your just ex-partner might just try to enter your home without permission and filch with your important marriage documents. You can at least prevent him or her to enter your home without you knowing so as to prevent losing possession of your important papers and belongings.

6. If someone did not return your spare keys

You gave your spare keys to that cable guy but he came with a new excuse every day and never returned your spare keys. This happens with many us. If this is the case for you, you should replace the lock system immediately. There’s no point chasing or grilling that cable guy. All you can do being a homeowner is to replace your home keys immediately.
You should not hurry with the process of lock replacement and it’s best to leave the job to the professionals who would provide you with a more sophisticated lock system, maybe.